The Puppy Wranger

Book Cover: The Puppy Wranger
Part of the Alberta Ranch Families series:

The April Fools joke has gone too far when Ranch Foreman, Todd Walker, finds 13 puppies using his living room for a playground. The joker who did this just ruined his plans for a romantic evening with beautiful Josie McLean. When 11 of the puppies are stolen and Todd receives threats against his life, he calls the RCMP.

Excited to see Todd’s reaction to her gift, Josie McLean visits his ranch. But standing at his back porch, she hears him swearing and cursing. Realizing she’s made a terrible mistake; she runs from his ranch and his life.

Will their pasts tragedies push them apart? Or will they join forces to help the RCMP find the puppies and the criminals threatening Todd? Or is it too late to build a new life together?