A Badge for Boots

Book Cover: A Badge for Boots
Part of the Alberta Ranch Families series:

RCMP Officer, Jeff Barlow, is devastated when his partner and best friend is killed over a secret code. Jeff retreats to a family ranch then realizes he may have been followed. He questions whether he should search for the code and bury it to avoid risking his own safety, or honor his oath as an officer and hand it over to his superiors?

Rheanna Hobson, a rancher in her own right, has a long-standing loving relationship with Jeff and is delighted to see him again.  When she finds out that Jeff intends to return to his Montana home, she encourages him to stay on the ranch.

Will time and the law work for or against Jeff and Rheanna? Will Jeff and Rheanna be able to overcome the dangers facing them and move on to true love.